• Represent your interests while liaising with your technology partners.
• Define and keep to timelines and milestones.
• Coordinate, and lead, any necessary calls or meetings on your behalf.
• Keep a tight rein on any conference calls, for maximum efficiency.
• Document calls, meetings, decisions, timelines.
• Help to define specific needs to be communicated to the technology partners, avoiding last minute surprises.
• Maintain contact with your technology providers at the point of going live, to ensure that this final step runs smoothly.


•Dedicate time to walk hotel users through the steps to integration.
•Dedicate time to explain the scope and limitations of the desired integration.
•Provide tailor-made training sessions and/or PowerPoints for current or new staff.
•Help to take the fear and mystery out of the technology.
•Provide ongoing support and advice through to project completion.


•Be the central point of contact for the hotel(s) during implementation.
•Communicate smoothly with the various “cultures” concerned, e.g. country to country, Revenue Manager to IT, and more.
•Get answers from the relevant provider, as necessary.

We know it’s sometimes hard to know which of your providers to turn to for which question or problem. We aim to provide that bridge.

We have no vested interest in or bias for any one system. We’re just interested in the communication between your systems working as designed!