“Thank you for taking this over..... Very happy you are handling.”
(21st Feb 2011, Technology Partner, UK)

“Thank you so much for (your) professional support, it is extremely important to me not to feel alone in this process!”
(28th May 2009, 80 room property, CA, USA)

“Thank you again for being so thorough and patient with us these past few weeks. It's great to see it all pay-off!”
(14th June 2011, 600 room property, Beijing, China)

“Thank you for your time in getting that interface finalized. We are very happy with this 2 way ifc!”
(15th Dec 2011 180 room property, Monaco)

“Thank you again for the successful implementation of the [hotel name].”
(21st Dec 2011, Hotel Group Head Office, U.K.)

“I have only positive things to say about your performance… It seems to me that you outrun [my providers] with competence in their own systems.”
(13th Oct 2011, 130 room property, Sweden)

“Thank you Anna, ... deep joy.”
(30th Sep 2011, 130 room property, London)

“We are all thrilled to have access to your knowledge!”
(29th May 2009, 120 room property, WA, USA)

“Thank you very much Anna, I'm feeling a little out of water on this. Not sure why. I needed a little confidence booster.”
(14th Sep 2009 400 room property, TX, USA)

“I really appreciate you taking the time to help me.”
(11th Feb 2011 200 room property, NYC, USA)

“Thank you so much for your kind advice and walkthrough of all the steps that needs to be taken technically.”
(9th Sep 2010, 400 room property, Denmark)

“Have I told you lately how very very glad I am that you are involved in all this?”
(2nd Nov 2009, Hotel Group Head Office, U.S.)

“They’re done?!? You are AMAZING!”
(13th Jan 2011, Hotel Group Head Office, U.S.)