A large hotel group wanted to pursue an active policy of encouraging their hotels to link up their systems (in this case, CRS/PMS & RMS). The idea was to not only help save on labor, but also to encourage best return availability in all booking channels.


Although aware that once in place, the various interfaces would reap great benefits they realized that the process to implement each interface required a lot more time, coordination efforts and knowledge than expected. For each project, not only was there the work of spending time with the individual hotel explaining, answering questions, and helping prepare, but also the work of coordination, documenting plans and test results and keeping tabs on the providers. While each project only had a run-time of, on average, 4-6 weeks, those few weeks would put a great strain on head office resources every time. As a result, head office staff were forced to "react" to hotel requests, rather than proactively encourage implementations. And in addition, not being able to dedicate sufficient resources at the crucial implementation stage not infrequently resulted in "open issues" dragging on for months, even years, later; requiring yet more resources to take care of them.


We were asked to step in to take on this extra burden, on an as needs basis, for each of these projects. Once the decision has been made on which hotel should be the next to implement an interface, we get to work and take on the communication with the hotel (on behalf of the group head office), as well as coordination and documentation. Also our specialized knowledge means that we are in a position to respond to most questions of the hotel, and ensure that all parties have the same understanding of what is expected. We keep records of all projects, and provide regular updates on the status of projects so that the head office can dip in and out of projects according to needs.
We know it’s sometimes hard to know which of your providers to turn to for which question or problem. We aim to provide that bridge.


The hotel group head office are able to rest at ease, knowing that implementations can take place at a faster rate, more thoroughly, and are able to reap the benefit of the implementations while outsourcing the “headaches”.